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AI and the future of learning
Throughout its 20-year history, Moodle has been driven by using the power of technology to improve the quality of education worldwide.

Moodle Founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas, explains, “Education can be seen as a way to help people gain skills to get jobs, but education is much more than that. It is a way of passing on our human culture, and it is a way of defining our future. Education underpins our tackling all the large problems in the world, best defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. That foundational thinking has powered the Moodle project, using open-source methodologies to help empower hundreds of thousands of educators around the world to help define and build the educational platform that they want to see and use.

Now, with the rise of generative AI, we encounter a power that is potentially larger than the Internet itself, a power that has the potential to both harm us but also to help us in tremendously meaningful ways. Many jobs are already being automated, with many more to come, and if we can adapt well, it also seems possible that many of us might not even need to work in the future. The problem is larger than any single organisation can ever solve, but I am convinced that participating in existing Open EdTech projects such as Moodle is the best way for us all to help evolve global education processes together, in a way that is careful, inclusive and equitable.”

Learn more: https://moodle.com/news/the-potential-of-ai-and-moodle/
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