About me

Martin in ColombiaHi, I’m Martin Dougiamas.

Since 2001 or so I’m best known as the guy who started Moodle, the open source learning platform that is used by institutions all over the world, and I still spend all day, every day, working on this project.ย  If you’re interested in that you should keep an eye on Moodle.org (for the software and community) and Moodle.com (for the business that pays for it all).

If you want to contact me about any of that then I suggest you contact me via Moodle.com.ย  You can also find me on @moodler.

As well as Moodle I’m interested in science, games, VR, electric cars, solar power, politics, philosophy, edtech business, management and more…

I won’t promise too much like most new blogs do, but I hope to occasionally make a post here about any of those.